Editing, proofreading, project management and more”


Editing can shape your work or polish it for publication, or both. Whether a project is big or small, an editor will strive to help clarify the meaning of your message so it reaches your targeted audience.

Structural, or substantive, editing is a process where the editor guides the author/creator to shape and improve the work as a whole.

Copy-editing involves a systematic approach to grammar, punctuation and spelling, as well as applying consistency and clarity to the text.

Julie Wicks Publishing Services prides itself on striving for quality, consistency and clarity in all projects. Julie achieves this through tailoring services to a client’s needs, regardless of the project. Services include:

  • providing feedback and direction on manuscripts
  • styling and tagging a manuscript for typesetting
  • preparing relevant paperwork to accompany a styled, copy-edited manuscript, e.g. style sheets, artwork lists, running heads lists, preliminary pages and artwork briefs
  • interact with authors, in-house publishing personnel, illustrators, designers and other stakeholders to communicate and resolve instructions and issues.
  • work in software and online platforms that allow multi-author changes.


Once a project appears in initial first published form, proofreading finds all the little issues that have slipped through the rest of the process or pop up during typesetting. Proofreading generally involves making sure the edited text has been translated onto the published page, including checking:

  • image placement
  • text placement and flow
  • pedagogical elements like boxes, margin definitions, breakout text and icons
  • layout and design instructions have been adhered to
  • there are no accidental name changes of characters or outstanding plot holes
  • spelling, including captions, tables, boxes and references.

Proofreading is a passion for Julie, as she loves seeing the culmination of the entire process. Regardless of the subject matter, making sure a project is as polished as possible is of utmost importance to Julie.

Other services

Julie Wicks Publishing Services offer a variety of services, including project management, typesetting and basic illustrations. Julie is familiar with all aspects of the publishing industry and feels comfortable managing part or all of the process. She is able to use design elements and layouts provided by a designer to typeset your project into its final format, as well as provide files to printers. She has experience in creating basic illustrations and infographs, such as medical charts, business documents and basic anatomical, medical and general images.